DragonFire Wiki

The original 2 things wrong

#1 New ideas still goes the wrong way!

I intended that the newest idea be rank #1 on the new ideas table not rank #15 or whatever.

Still Bad Formatting

You still don’t make subheadings in your ideas to make it into sections.

My Suggestions

Have links to your ideas in the new ideas table

imagine if you could click on “acid dragons” for example and it would take you there so you could go to the new ideas easily.

DragonFire Ideas is less popular

I have to mention it. I noticed when I checked the history on the page there had been barely any edits sense October 2020. So yeah it is obviously less popular. Seriously, there hasn’t been any edits sense December 2020. So if your reading this please add your ideas to it and please also share it with others.

Still Nothing!

A while ago I discovered the page My Ideas for the future of DragonFire witch might have siad that DragonFire ideas is a “useless page” witch it is not however they have not responded to my comment yet!

Thank You!

Thank you to anyone who listens to me on this page. Also thank you to anyone who has or will add an idea to DragFire Ideas and to people who share it.

Thank You!