DragonFire Wiki

Please Help with it!

I do not check the Dragonfire ideas page often at all. In fact thief is many months between almost every time I check. This time I saw the page blank thanks to Animalking10 nukingk the contents of the page back in march. I would like to give a huge thanks to Lady Lostris for fixing it the same day it happened at first. Thought, he did it again and I was the one to revert it. It was still amazing that she not only found it on the same day but fixed it in the same goal

Please do these things without me:

  1. if the page gets nuked or destroyed in any other way please go to the page history and use the compare tool to figure out what edit did it and who did it. Please undo the edit and then send my a message on the message wall about it
  2. Please let people know that it exists and add all your ida to it to grow the page. As well if someone could set things up so that it is easier to navigate the page and so the the table of contents is not huge that would be great.
  3. Please mark ideas as added if the have been added.

More Announcements

Vote on the good ideas list

You can now one on any idea it go on the good ideas list. I will update the page with info on how to do that once i have figured out how i am going todo that.

I willl be accepting mod applications for the page

I will post a comment with a form for mod applications. With mod you will be able to help make the final decision on good ideas. You will have permission to edit ideas to make sure they follow guidelines. You will have official permission to edit how ideas are orginized and edit how the page is organized. Thought you will have to listen to me and have a good track record to be a mod.

Thabk you once again

I know I already said thank you in the last blog but i feel like i have to do it again. To the future mods, to the idea makers, to the page fixers, and even just too the people that see and read the page or my blog.

Thank you! Have a great new year!