2 Things Everyone Is Doing Wring About DragonFire Idaes

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#1 - The new ideas section

Wrong Order

you see the newest idea is meant to be Rank #1 on the good ideas section and currently it is rank #15. And yes I understand it is a lot of work to completely redo this but it still is technically not how it is suppose to be.

There should be a limit

Ok so let me explain, so I think there should only be 20 or 25 ideas showing up on the new ideas section. When 21 or 26 ideas would happen the oldest idea would be removed and the over ideas would be moved to worse ranks. And I do know that this can be hard work but still this would make it a better page in the sense that it won’t have a 50 to like 475 ideas in a table that are apparently “new”.

#2 - Bad formatting

No separation

in the how to format ideas section I say that you should split your idea into shorter articles of text with each being about a smaller theme so that people can easily find there way through your idea and so that it is easier to see Basic things about your idea.

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