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Hawkishnes Hawkishnes 16 January

More news about Dragonfire Ideas

  • 1 Please Help with it!
    • 1.1 Please do these things without me:
  • 2 More Announcements
    • 2.1 Vote on the good ideas list
    • 2.2 I willl be accepting mod applications for the page
    • 2.3 Thabk you once again

I do not check the Dragonfire ideas page often at all. In fact thief is many months between almost every time I check. This time I saw the page blank thanks to Animalking10 nukingk the contents of the page back in march. I would like to give a huge thanks to Lady Lostris for fixing it the same day it happened at first. Thought, he did it again and I was the one to revert it. It was still amazing that she not only found it on the same day but fixed it in the same goal

  1. if the page gets nuked or destroyed in any other way please go to the page history and use the c…

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Hawkishnes Hawkishnes 24 January 2021

Things are still wrong with DragonFire Ideas

  • 1 The original 2 things wrong
    • 1.1 #1 New ideas still goes the wrong way!
    • 1.2 Still Bad Formatting
  • 2 My Suggestions
    • 2.1 Have links to your ideas in the new ideas table
  • 3 DragonFire Ideas is less popular
  • 4 Still Nothing!
  • 5 Thank You!

I intended that the newest idea be rank #1 on the new ideas table not rank #15 or whatever.

You still don’t make subheadings in your ideas to make it into sections.

imagine if you could click on “acid dragons” for example and it would take you there so you could go to the new ideas easily.

I have to mention it. I noticed when I checked the history on the page there had been barely any edits sense October 2020. So yeah it is obviously less popular. Seriously, there hasn’t been any edits sense December 2020. So if your reading this …

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Hawkishnes Hawkishnes 30 October 2020

2 Things Everyone Is Doing Wring About DragonFire Idaes

  • 1 #1 - The new ideas section
    • 1.1 Wrong Order
    • 1.2 There should be a limit
  • 2 #2 - Bad formatting
    • 2.1 No separation

you see the newest idea is meant to be Rank #1 on the good ideas section and currently it is rank #15. And yes I understand it is a lot of work to completely redo this but it still is technically not how it is suppose to be.

Ok so let me explain, so I think there should only be 20 or 25 ideas showing up on the new ideas section. When 21 or 26 ideas would happen the oldest idea would be removed and the over ideas would be moved to worse ranks. And I do know that this can be hard work but still this would make it a better page in the sense that it won’t have a 50 to like 475 ideas in a table that are apparently “new”.

in the how to format ide…

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Hawkishnes Hawkishnes 23 August 2020

Introducing DragonFire Ideas

  • 1 Introducing DragonFire Ideas
    • 1.1 What is it for ?
    • 1.2 Where Can I Find It

have you ever had a time we’re you thought of a good idea that you want other people to see well here your chance it is not an official page meaning it is not owned by a developer or an adman or TT or LL it is owned by user : Hawkishness it is meant to become a sorted place to show off your ideas and see other people ideas we would really like if you shared it however make sure to read the “info” section on the page to know more Hawkishness (the owner) is active on the wiki . The owner sometimes will send messages to people message walls to let them know about things they need to fix

The DragonFire Ideas Page uses these categories here or go to : DragonFire Ideas

Hope to …

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