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Welcome to the Dragons page of the Dragonfire wiki. All these dragons are probably going to be the most incredible creatures you've ever seen. From Fan Favorites to whole unique dragons! If you enjoy, be sure to get the mod. There are 76 dragons in total (including hybrids)! With the latest being the Kitsune Dragon.

Bewilderbeast Boneknapper Catastrophic Quaken Crimson Goregutter Deathgripper Gronckle Lightfury Monstrous NightmareNadder Nightfury Red death sprite.png Screaming Death Seashocker sprite.png Skrill Stormcutter Thunderdrum Titan Woolly Howl Zippleback

Ace sprite.png Blazefalcon Clang Drake Elemental Flame spitter sprite.png Folifalcon Lotus sprite.png Mangus Mummy Myth Nightlight Nightstalker Pteryx Dinosaur sprite.png Shard Silva Stormfalcon Tigris Vampire Zombie Frogon Nightbringer Flamefury Forestfury Waterfury shadowfury Galaxy Gladius Parrot Aztec hallow arcticlupus reindeer coral cobra death ra cherryblossom kitsune

Bonefury sprite.png Clangstalker Hydra Nightula Pterace Pterice Stormfury sprite.png Trake Frogace

Rainbow sprite.png lycan Festive Eve Bee sprite.png Snowball Blue Phoenix ArchangelHydropteraStorm Stratus

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