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Dragon Science

The Dragon Science feature was originally added to the mod as an update in June, 2020. Dragon Science is the process of acquiring DNA from dragons in order to create your own Hybrid dragon.

Hybrid Dragon

A Hybrid dragon is a mix of two or three different dragon's DNA that has been extracted using a DNA Extractor and place into and empty DNA Orb.

The DNA Orb is then place into a DNA Combiner which you must also contain an Iron Egg in to begin the process.

Once the egg is combined with the DNA, you must place it inside the DNA Incubator.

When it is complete the DNA Incubator will give you your fully incubated Hybrid Dragon egg.

Hybrid Dragon steps

  1. Craft some Empty DNA Orbs.
  2. Craft a DNA Extractor.
  3. Extract DNA from your level 100 dragon.
  4. When the DNA is in your DNA Orbs, you must then place them in a DNA Combiner.
  5. You will need to place an Iron egg into the DNA Combiner to combine with the DNA.
  6. Once the egg is combined, it must be incubated.
  7. Place the egg into a DNA Incubator.
  8. When the egg is complete you will have your very own hybrid dragon egg!


DNA Orb Recipe

The DNA Orb is used for storing the DNA of a dragon after it has been extracted.

To craft an empty DNA Orb you will first need some Mana Infused Iron.

Mana Infused Iron requires the following ;

  1. Iron
  2. Lapis Lazuli

When crafted you then use your Mana Infused Iron along with gold Ingots to create you very own Empty DNA Orb.

DNA Extractor

The DNA Extractor is used to extract DNA from a dragon.

DNA Extractor.png

DNA Extractor Recipe

When extracting DNA from your dragon it must be tamed to you and be at level 100.

Extracting the DNA from your dragon couldn't be easier.

All you need is an Empty DNA Orb in your inventory and then right click on your dragon

when the DNA extractor is in your hand.You will hear the DNA Extractor working.

Once extracted the DNA will be placed inside your Empty DNA orb.

There is a short cool down period on the DNA Extractor and a durability level too.

Iron Egg

The Iron egg is a crucial item in making your Hybrid dragon egg.

It becomes the egg for your future Hybrid Dragon.

Iron Egg Recipe

Iron Egg.png

The recipe for Iron Eggs is very simple as the image shows.

Once the egg is ready you can move onto the next step.

DNA Combiner Leg Recipe

DNA Combiner

The DNA Combiner is where the magic really starts to happen.

It Is used for fusing the DNA you've extracted into an Iron egg.

DNA Combiner 1.png

DNA Combiner Recipe

Firstly you must construct the legs of DNA Combiner

When you have 2 legs you can then construct the DNA Combiner.

The combiner consists of 2 legs, 4 Iron ingots, 2 redstone and one stone slab.

Now that your DNA Combiner is complete you now need an Iron egg to use the DNA Combiner

Hammerhead Recipe

DNA Incubator

The DNA Incubator is where the dragon is kept during the incubation period.

It is the final step in creating a hybrid dragon!

Dna incubator.png

DNA Incubator Recipe

Firstly you must construct the Hammerhead for the Incubator

Once you have the hammerhead, you can simply combine that with logs, a cauldron and blaze powder and you have a DNA Incubator!

Using the DNA Combiner

To use the DNA Combiner, you must simply take the Iron Egg you have crafted and place it in inside the top slot.

Then you must take all the DNA you'd like to combine and place it in the remaining slots.

You should hear a click, signaling the process is working and see DNA begin to combine!

DNA Combiner In Action

Using the DNA Incubator

The final step to hatching your hybrid dragon is to incubate your newly obtained Hybrid Egg!

The process for this is very easy. Simply take the egg you have obtained and place it inside the DNA Incubator.

Wait for the egg to incubate and then crack it by shift clicking the incubator.

Voilà! You have now created a Hybrid Dragon!

To hatch this dragon, simply right click the ground!

Dna incubator usage.png