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Used That idea was added to the DragonFire Mod Hawkishnes Aug 12 , 2020
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Unsure That I don’t really think your idea is good Hawkishnes Aug 12 , 2020

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Idea Who made it When it was made Rank
Acid Dragons Dinogames113 Aug 12 , 2020 17:35 1
Eruptodon/Searuptodon Boss Dragon/Hydradeath Hybrid Sg_Blissy Aug 21, 2020 1:19 EST 2
Speedstinger/Flightmare/Dreadstrider Hybrid Sg_Blissy Aug 23, 2020 16:25 EST 3
Armorwing Sg_Blissy Aug 23, 2020 17:09 EST 4
How to implement the Cerberus Sg_Blissy Aug 23, 2020 17:24 EST 5
How to implement the Red Death Sg_blissy Aug 23, 2020 17:58 EST 6
Advanced Dragon AI (Player to Dragon Reputation) Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:23 EST 7
Dragon Personalities (Dragon AI) Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:23 EST 8
Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:23 EST 9
Tamed Dragons Should Be Able To Die Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:23 EST 10
Dragon Drops Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 2:41 EST 11
Advanced Armor Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:42 EST 12
Textured Armor Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:43 EST 13
Dragon Corpses Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:45 EST 14
Dragon Traps Slimefrog Sept 3, 2020 11:50 EST 15

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Idea Who made it When it was made Rank


Acid Dragon - by: Dinogames113

The acid would be a dragon that fires ACID when attacking as it main feature this would spawn at a 12% chance in the dark lands and would spawn at a 0.0895% chance in the myth nation dimensions these would mainly be green , gray , and black as a color or plant it would fly at level 30 however it would have a 2.9% chance of a dragon treat / rainbow fish not leveling it up (this is for balancing) it would be small but strong and it could be used for some of the best hybrids

Eruptodons/Searuptodon Boss Dragon/Hydradeath Hybrid - by: Sg_Blissy


Eruptodon nests would be large volcanic-themed caverns which spawn underground, each would be a dangerous lava filled nest with an angry mother Eruptodon protecting an egg. Eruptodons would have the ability to break through any blocks except obsidian, bedrock, & crying obsidian (if the mod gets updated to be playable on 1.16.2, i wish). Eruptodons wouldnt shoot flames at you like a normal dragon, they would take 5-10 seconds to get ready to hurl lava at you creating lava source blocks where it lands. Eruptodons would 1-shot you without armor up close if they got close enough to hit you. Eruptodons would grow to be the size of crimson goregutters & take a level 3 lava incubator to hatch. Eruptodons main diet would consume of magma blocks, & lava buckets (bucket to)

Searuptodon (Boss Dragon)

The boss variant of the Eruptodon would be called the Searuptodon, a 3-headed version of the Eruptodon twice the size. The lava streams on it are turned obsidian and its turned mossy from the time its spent in its underwater cavern. The Searuptodon would be found trapped in its EXTREMELY RARE underwater cave (one every 20,000 blocks). The Searuptodon would be a boss with 5 times the health of the enderdragon, like an eruptodon but faster it would take each head 3-5 seconds to hurl lava at enemies creating lava source blocks wherever it lands. With anything other then diamond (or netherite) protection IV enchanted armor the searuptodon would 1-shot you if you got close enough for it to hit you. After killing the searuptodon it would lay a searuptodon egg to raise yourself. The Searuptodon egg would take a level 5 lava incubator to hatch and dragon treats and rainbow fish only would have a 25% chance of leveling up a tamed searuptodon.

Hydradeath (Hybrid)

The Searuptodon would have a hybrid with a screaming death called the Hydradeath. The Hydradeath would be a 3-headed screaming death with veins of obsidian breaking out into lava all over its body. The Hydradeath would grow to be 150% the size of a normal screaming death and only level up 33% of the times its fed a dragon treat or a rainbow fish. The Hydradeaths diet would consist of cobblestone, magma blocks, and lava buckets (the bucket to).

Speed Stinger/Flightmare/Dreadstrider Hybrid - by: Sg_blissy

Speed Stingers

Speed Stingers would be flightless dragons roughly around the size of a Deadly Nadder. Although flightless, Speed Stingers would be the fastest dragon on land, almost as fast as a Night Fury flying. Speed Stingers are mainly green in colour although details of there appearance can be found on the HTTYD wiki. Speed Stinger nests would resemble an Icy Cave in a cold biome and be very rare. Speed Stinger eggs would need a lvl 3 lava incubator to hatch.


Flightmares would be ghost-type dragon gaining a brighter glow everytime they are fed glowing algae by there trainer. Although extremely rare, Flightmares would be able to fly faster then a Night Fury at top speed. For details of there appearance they can be found here. Flightmare nests would be extremely rare, spawn in swamps, and resemble a swamp pond filled with glowing algae. Flightmare eggs would take a lvl 4 ice incubator to hatch

Dreadstrider (Hybrid)

The Dreadstrider Hybrid would be a Hybrid dragon between a Speed Stinger & a Flightmare. With the ability of flight unlike its half-counterpart the Speed Stinger it runs on the ground at 75% the speed of a Speed Stinger and be able to tie with a Night Fury at top speed. For details of there appearance they can be found here

Armorwing - by Sg_Blissy


The Armorwing would be a dragon very similar towards the Boneknapper, although unlike the Bokeknapper it uses iron plates for armor rather then bones. For more appearance detail go here. Armorwings would be around the same speed as a Boneknapper. An Armorwing nest would resemble a cave with loose jewelry all around and would be equally as rare as a Boneknapper nest. Armorwings would only gain a level 25% of the times it fed a dragon treat or a rainbow fish although will lvl up every time its given an iron block. The Boneknapper would also start only gaining a level 25% of the times its fed a dragon treat or a rainbow fish but lvl up every time its given a bone block.

How to implement the Cerberus - by: Sg_Blissy

Cerberus (Boss Dragon)

The Cerberus, already in the game, just not implemented into survival gameplay. The Cerberus would spawn every 1000 minecraft days that pass on a minecraft server/world within 100,000 blocks of spawn. The Cerberus would individually load chunks while roaming. Wherever the Cerberus Spawns a bonepit will spawn with it. The Cerberus hunts down and kills and tamed dragons and steals any eggs within 5000 blocks of its bonepit and brings the eggs back to it. The Cerberus would have 3 times the health of a wither and only melee attack its enemies as it cant breathe fire, etc. The Cerberus would lay a Cerberus egg upon defeat although the player may want to follow it to its bonepit before killing to take the eggs the Cerberus had stolen. The Cerberus egg would take a tier 5 lava incubator to hatch.

How to implement the Red Death - by: Sg_Blissy

Red Death (Boss Dragon)

The Red Death, already in the game, just not obtainable. The Red Death would be found on extremely rare islands (one every 25,000 blocks) which habits many hostile dragons including Nadders, Gronckles, Zipplebacks, & Monstrous Nightmares whom all attack you. The Red Death Island would resemble an active volcano and be huge like the one in the first HTTYD movie. The Red Death would have 10x the health of the ender dragon and shoot billowing flames towards you. Upon death the red death would drop 20-30 scales and lay an egg for you to raise yourself. Red Death eggs would take a tier 5 lava incubator to incubate and hatch.

Green Death

The Green Death, almost the same to the Red Death except more green in color and not hostile. Green Deaths would be found in huge lava caverns underground although Green Death nests would not be a thing. Green Deaths would only be tameable with 40-60 treat-coated Red Death scales (surround a red death scale with dragon treats in a crafting table). To get a Green Death egg you would have to combine Green Death DNA with Red Death DNA which would create either a Red Death iron egg or a Green Death iron egg.


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New UI / Systems

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Items , Blocks , And Other Mobs

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Dragon Related Items / blocks

Dragon Drops - Slimefrog

When a dragon dies, it just disappears with no real reward. Some dragons have scales that they drop but these are minimal and few dragons have them. Killing a dragon should be quite a feat (see Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured idea post and Advanced Dragon AI {Player to Dragon Reputation} idea post). When killing a dragon it should drop a fresh (not fossilized) dragon skull, rib cage, 2 or 0 arms (depending on if it has arms or 4 legs), 2 or 4 legs, and a tail. I don’t know if these will be usable in a crafting or if each one is a model block or what, but they should at least be 1 dragon species specific, 2, skulls should be placeable, 3 skulls should be size specific to the dragon that died. I recommend a recipe to convert arms, legs, tail, and rib cage into universal dragon bones that are not dragon specific but can be used to make tools and weapons. There should also be dragon specific meats. For a hunter, these dragon specific bones and meats should be like trophies that are won when killing dragons. For trainers these bones and meats are still important for these are the remains of their pet dragon (see Tamed Dragons Should Be Able To Die idea post) or just a dragon in general and can be buried in a memorial or grave for the dragon. The meat should be able to be cooked and eaten and be fairly filling, probably even more than steak. The larger the dragon the more meat it will drop and more bones the limbs and ribs can be converted into. I have left the best for last which is scales. Dragons should all drop scales and should drop about 1.5x to 2x the amount that they do. The bigger the dragon, the more scales it will drop, therefore Bewilderbeasts will drop a ton of scales and its ribs could be converted to so many bones that you may never run out (see Advanced Armor post idea to see what you would do with this many scales).

Advanced Armor - Slimefrog

At the moment, specific dragons drop scales in minimal amounts which can be used to craft armor, but the armor does not require many scales in order to create. This is a way to fix this. I recommend that instead of making armor out of scales, you make them out of scale bundles. A scale bundle is made when you put either 4 scales or 9 scales from the same species and same texture (see Textured Armor idea post) together in the crafting table or inventory crafting. I recommend using 9 in a table, but it really depends on which one a majority of people prefer. These bundles can then be used to make armor the same as you would any other material. This armor should not be fireproofed, but can be by making a liquid paint like thing that you can make and put in a bowl then apply to already created armor to apply fireproofing to it. This should also improve the durability just a tad. Jumbo sized dragons should not have player sized armor. These dragons include, but are not limited to, Bewilderbeasts, Red Death, Screaming Death, Crimson Goregutter (mabe, technically Screaming Death is smaller so I guess Crimson Goregutter shouldn’t work, but Screaming Death is usually much bigger then it is in game atm). One thing I recommend for these dragons is a normal sized scale and a jumbo sized scale. Once a dragon reaches a certain size that most dragons cannot reach, they will no longer drop normal scales but instead drop jumbo scales. Therefore, there technically will be normal armor suits for all these jumbo dragons but would be hard to get for it would basically have to come from a sheared tamed dragon or killing a tamed dragon. Jumbo scales are used the same as normal ones except the jumbo scale bundles are only useful on dragon armor (armor for dragons). This type of dragon armor will significantly slow your dragon down and is not very durable but is almost impenetrable until it breaks. Dragons that drop jumbo scales should not look at the number of scales any differently, they will still drop the amount relative to their size even though they are larger scales. Killing a dragon like this should drop a ton of scales for it will be incredibly difficult, especially for a hunter who doesn’t train dragons.

Dragon Traps - Slimefrog

There should be dragon traps added into this mod. These should include, but are not limited to, muzzles, bolas, and traps seen in HTTYD, HTTYD2, and HTTYD3. A bola can be inserted into a launcher (like Hiccup’s in the first movie) and thrown by hand at closer range. It will remove the dragon’s ability to run and fly, but it can still shoot fire. Muzzle will remove the dragon’s ability to shoot fire and bite (see THIS idea post). There should also be dragon proof metal which is not able to be broken by any dragon fire. Lastly, Gronckle iron should be added. Faster and more durable than iron and almost as strong as diamond, this metal must be created by feeding a Gronckle 3 ”limestone” (mabe add this in the mod?), 2 sandstone, 1 iron ore, and 1 hardened Gronckle lava (so lava that has been spewed by a gronckle turns into a new type of stone when hardened, I guess this may mean a special type of lava too but that's up to y’all). It gets stronger when the formed Gronckle iron is combined with Death Song amber (Tinkers’ compat?). We also see tranquilizers and other plants interact with dragons during several parts of the series. Dragon Root is probably the most common one. Dragon root is a plant that can only grow when in the sun and whenever dragons are around it they will turn into a crazed rage and will attack everything around it. Gronckles are the only dragons that are immune to the effects of it. Dragon Root is edible by humans, but it is unknown what happens if a dragon was to eat it. We do know that when it is condensed and applied to weapons, then the slightest damage from a weapon with it will immediately knock out the dragon (see Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured idea post). It is unknown whether or not it affects Tidal class dragons, for the best way of disposing of it is to drop it into the sea. It is shown that Bewilderbeasts are not affected by it at the end of the show Race to the Edge. This may be because of the immense size of it or it may be because it is immune to it. Blue Oleander is a plant that will poison dragons around when it has flowers blooming on it. The effects are not instantaneous but take a couple minecraft days to be fully in effect. The first thing that will happen is the dragons will start sneezing, then very soon after they will be unable to fly (even if they are in midair when this starts taking effect) and unable to walk right after that. They will die very soon after this. The only known cure for this sickness is feeding a Scauldron blue oleanders and then taking its saliva right after and feeding it to the dragons. Lastly Deathgripper venom; Deathgripper venom can be taken out of them and be put in vials which can be attached to a certain strap that can be applied to any dragon. These vials will slowly empty and while they have venom in them will put the dragon under the control of whoever put the vial in it. This venom vial can also be shot out of a crossbow and will inject the whole amount of the venom at once, which will immediately tranquilize the dragon which it hits.

Mobs for existing dimensions

Mobs for new dimensions

Dimensions And Features

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New Dimensions

The Lightlands

The lightlands or the opposite to the darklands there would be light and good dragons that live there the biomes in the dimension could be clouded biome, old ruins biome, royal forest are just some biomes in the dimension it would have lots of white blues and gold colors around it and the dragons there would be very royal and pure there would be little to no enemies there maybe the adult dragons and some angels that protect the dragons but otherwise not many enemies there and it would be like the heavens and high in the sky. the portal would be like the darklands portal but found in a temple floating in the sky and instead of sticking out of the ground it would be a white and gold spike hanging from the roof and have a white glow coming from it. A dragon that spawns in the lightlands could be the upcoming unicorn dragon. by bluepanther

New Features or Systems

Advanced Dragon AI (Player to Dragon Reputation) - Slimefrog

I had an idea about how dragon taming may work that will be much better than the normal dog feed or horse ride. My thought was that the dragon AI will know your stats. By stats I mean that whenever you hurt a dragon, the world will record this. Whenever you feed a dragon, the world will record this. Same with taking a lead or I&F chains off of the dragon. Or if the dragon's pathfinding system says that it cannot get out of where it is (should also be implemented) then if you break enough blocks for it to get out it will record this. An example of this is that if you are a dragon serial killer, dragons are going to know that when you come up and will be naturally aggressive towards you. But if you have never hurt a dragon and always are helping them then they will know and will be calmer. One way you could do this and show this is a bar in the dragon description HUD on the right side side. This bar would show the dragon’s aggression level. So as an example, if a deadly nadder spawns, it will be given a personality or something similar (see Dragon Personalities idea post). A Nadder is usually a calmer dragon and the bar will naturally be lower and less aggressive. But, a Monstrous Nightmare is a very aggressive dragon and will have it’s bar naturally much higher. If a Nadder comes up to a trainer who has never hurt a dragon then it will raise that bar in reference to the stats of the player. But if a dragon killer comes up at the same time that bar will drop, most likely to a point that the dragon will attack them (or fly away depending on the type of dragon and if its personality is fight or flight) if the person's stats are that bad. For the player who has no previous interactions with dragons, the bar will drop a little, because the dragon is being defensive, but will not drop a ton as that player's stats are not bad. So if two people are there and one has good stats and one bad, it will be aggressive to both because they are together. But if it was only the good one it wouldn’t mind. This technique could be used a lot for dragons. Take a Screaming Death for instance, they are naturally prone to anger and destruction. Therefore, that dragon's bar will naturally be aggressive. But if you have good stats and do something nice for the dragon then it may lower that bar. One thing you may be thinking is how would you code a program to recognize someone being nice to them. One this is that if it is stuck and you break blocks to help it free, it will recognize that. Such as, it will see that its pathfinding is broken because it cannot escape where it is at. For all dragons this will raise its aggression tremendously. For a dragon that can dig (see THIS idea post) it would have to be iron blocks or obsidian or something to be able to hold it, or it would be too injured to fly (see Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured idea post). When it is stuck or injured, you can heal it with potions or feed it food and you can break the blocks for it to escape and it should be able to know that you healed it and fed it and you might be able to make it know you broke the blocks but I do not know exactly what it would take to code the block breaking one. For taming, this would be that you must gain the dragon's trust. This can be performed by keeping good stats, freeing it if it's stuck, feeding it if it will let you, and they can see if you have any weapons in your inventory so throwing those at least a certain amount of blocks away helps as well. Weapons have a label or something in the code that labels them as a damage giving device, so that could be how they see this. One last thing for freeing a stuck dragon would be taking dragon muzzles off of it or any other traps that should be implemented in the mod (see Dragon Traps idea post) I would love to see this implemented because it works with both the hunter and the trainer. Being a mod based on taming dragons and battling evil dragons it makes sense to add a fancy way to tame them and how to load aggressive dragons along with giving hunters the opportunity to have fun with it instead of all dragons being fine till attacked while the trainers can have fun tracking them down and having a functional training technique!

Dragon Personalities (Dragon AI) - Slimefrog

Going off the idea I had before about dragon AI, dragons will have a set of personalities that they will have a chance to spawn with. There should be a list of 30 or so personalities that are put into a "pool" where when a dragon spawns it has a chance to get each one. Different species may have a better chance to get a certain group of personalities then others. An example is a Deadly Nadder; Nadders are naturally meeker and calm then angry, all though they still can be angry. They will have a better chance to be meek and similar personality traits then being angry or having an aggressive personality trait. They will still have an option to be aggressive, but for nadders this will be rarer. For a Monstrous Nightmare, they will be really rare to find one that is not aggressive and stubborn. You would usually find one that is aggressive and stubborn, but to find one that is meek or calm would be extremely rare. Screaming Death will not even have the option to have certain personalities because they are always mad. Therefore, you would not find a meek or calm Screaming Death because that species does not have that trait. On an extremely rare occasion you may find one that isn’t as aggressive as normal, not meek, just kinda neutral and not extremely aggressive. But, even this should be rare. I feel this would dramatically improve the dragons that you find in the wild.

Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured - Slimefrog

Dragons are seeming pretty easy to kill, even when they do fight back they should have a ton of HP and should start losing functions when they get low. For instance, when a dragon goes under 30% they lose the ability to fly until they heal. If you shoot a dragon out of the sky (by shooting it when it has low health to knock it below 30%, using a tranquilizing weapon, or using a trap that will disable its ability to fly, see Dragon Corpses idea post), it will fall and take fall damage. Once a dragon gets to 10% it can only walk slow and is fairly defenceless until it heals. Dragons should be able to heal fairly quickly, but they have so much health that it will take a while to get its percentage back up. The amount of HP each dragon has should depend on how big it is. This means it needs to look at size percentage, level, and species of dragon to determine how much health it will have. This should give Red Death, Bewilderbeast, and any other very large dragons a ton of health. This should be true cause just think, if Hiccup tried to kill the Bewilderbeast with a sword, what do you think would happen? I also believe that larger dragons should regenerate health faster than smaller ones.

Tamed Dragons Should Be Able To Die - Slimefrog

If a tamed dragon dies, it takes time to respawn. I feel this makes sense and is fine for suffocating and being killed by other mobs or npcs. They should not drop scales when killed like this though, for if the dragon is able to respawn then it should not drop any items. When killed by a player, I feel this should change. For PVP specifically, if you kill a player's tamed dragon then it will become a corpse (see Dragon Corpses idea post) drop scales, meat, and bones (see Dragon Drops idea post) and will not respawn. Same applies to being killed by the owner. If you "accidentally" hit and kill your own dragon, then you must have hit it when it had very low health and this should be obvious because dragons should be weak and it should be obvious (see Dragons Need More Health & Lose Functionality When Injured idea post), therefore the owner killing it would be either a purposeful act or a careless act which either way has its punishment. This should have a config option to allow dragons to always respawn if certain people want this off. It just is immoral to kill your own dragon for any reason, even if the reason is just so that it despawns and you don't want to wait for it to dismiss properly. This would be an extra measure to add some morality into the game. Another reason not to kill your own dragon is because the world should record your dragon stats (see Advanced Dragon AI idea post).

Textured Armor - Slimefrog

In the same dragons config folder where you can retexture dragons and sprites, I feel that you should be able to retexture scales, scale bundles, jumbo scales, jumbo scale bundles, and the actual armor for the person and jumbo armor for dragons (see Advanced Armor idea post). This is a lot of work for players, but currently scales dropped will just be normal scales with normal textures so technically anyone who wants to do the work and add textured armor can and anyone who doesn’t will just set the settings to default and it will not use custom armor and just use the textures same as it does right now.

Dragon Corpses - Slimefrog

Dragons when killed should work as the Ice and Fire dragons do. A dead dragon will be in a pose until collected by right clicking and will be classified as dead so mobs won’t keep attacking them. This will be great for dragons shot down out of the sky for they will fall and take fall damage and if they die in this act, then you can go and collect it instead of losing all of the dragon because it “disintegrated” and would just add so much to the hunter side of the mod. This would be a ton of work on the end of the devs, but adding a skeleton version of each dragon would also be quite an achievement. This way dragons like the Deathsong can have a pile of dragon skeletons from their last meals. Even if skeletons are not added, this is an essential addition to this mod.

Systems , UIs , Items , Blocks , and more for existing dimensions


Monetization , Performance , and Big fixes

Other Improvements

This is where YOU, (yes YOU) get to put your ideas that (may or may not) be added into the mod.